Where We Work

Our Approach

This organisation has brought together local YMCA branches in order to harness resources share experiences and face the challenges of our country Sierra Leone as a unified network.
The YMCA in Sierra Leone has worked in youth education and grassroots development for more decades. We have been able to engage ourselves in the broadest possible cross sections of the communities to participate in the identification, design and management of community-based programmes. As a strong voluntary organisation, the YMCA places strong emphasis on transparent governance, democratic leadership and inclusion of youths and women in decisionmaking.

Our Reach

At present, the Sierra Leone YMCA serves thousands of beneficiaries each year. The majority of these individuals are youth and women from low-income families and communities. As an indigenous NGO, the YMCA offers unique institutional development and programme collaboration opportunities across national, religious and ethnic boundaries. We are the only Local youth movement with 23 Local branches located all the communities in Sierra Leone.
Through our programmes and facilities, we are in touch with the youth of Sierra Leone and their problems virtually on a daily basis. Our branches have both a rural and urban presence, which ensures that we have a pulse on the entire youth population in the country. This is what makes us strategically positioned in Sierra Leone.
Our ability to meet tasks with resources is evident from our levels of investment. The Sierra Leone YMCA is probably the most endowed voluntary organisation in the country in terms of institutional infrastructure. From our institutional investments in the form of hostels, restaurants and other recreational facilities, we have a fairly high level of financial independence. This allows us to pursue programme interventions with greater potential for sustainability.


The YMCA in Sierra Leone has a National spread of 23 local branches. These branches are grouped under regions depending on their geographical locations.
WESTERN REGION – Comprised 8 branches:
Waterloo Branch, Hastings Branch, Wellington Branch, Kissy Branch, Cline town Branch, Freetown Branch, Aberdeen Branch, Lumley Branch.
Central Branch, New Site Branch, Kulanda Town Branch, Manjama Branch, Pujehun Branch, Taiama Branch.
Kailahun Branch, Sei-One Branch, Nyagoima, Central, Panguma and Hanga.
Masoilila Branch, Tintafo Branch and Makeni Branch

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