Our Staff

CHRISTIAN MARTYN KAMARA is the National General Secretary (NGS) and Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA in Sierra Leone. He is a trained environmentalist and a community development practitioner. Christian has researched with environmental protection organizations in Sierra Leone and championed the cause of young people in the YMCA nationally and internationally.
Christian has designed and implemented several community development programmes for kindergarten, youths and women throughout Sierra Leone. Before his appointment to this post of NGS of the YMCA, he served in the capacity as the Development Secretary. He has served in leadership capacities in various organizations at local and International levels including Freetown Rotary Club. He has a wealth of experience in youth Development programming, leadership and management which has led the Sierra Leone YMCA to greater Heights.
His Vision is to empower young people by positively transforming their lives over the century through helping them to grow in mind, body and spirit. He believes this can effectively be achieved by promoting their active involvement in society. Christian stands to be a great mentor for several young people who today tend to lead various youth groups organizations.
DAVID N. KAINESSIE serves as the Senior Finance and Administrative officer of the YMCASL. He is a successful teacher and a professional in accounting and human resource management. David has an eye for details. He is responsible for the accounting systems and procedure in the YMCA-SL. Before his elevation to this national post, David was the Southern Finance officer of the YMCA.
CLAUDIUS OLA TAYLOR has the mantle of responsibility for Public Relations and Volunteer Development of the YMCA-SL. Claudius has a background in administration with a long standing experience in the operations of the YMCA. He has championed major fundraising activities of the YMCA and has special interest in street children.
SOLOMON ERNEST is the Regional Coordinator of the YMCA-SL Southern region. He has a background in Education and has worked on Youth Development Programmes and Educational centers in Sierra Leone. Solomon has vast experience on Youth entrepreneurship.

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