DRR YOUTH PROJECTS Pre Training and Monitoring Trip

DATE: 12TH – 17TH JULY, 2020

In April 2020, 5,000,000 Le were disbursed to YMCA youth teams in Kenema, Bo, Makeni and Lungi to implement a self- managed DRR project that they planned for their respective regions. Prior to that, an introductory training to DRR was first given to them, it was on that background that they were asked to develop DRR activities on their own that they wished to implement. Activities were developed, and they were approved by the National General Secretary and the National DRR unit. After approval of their activities, a one day training was organized for each team. The training was focused on how they can best implement their activities and included a special youth and DRR focus as well as a tailor made agenda for each project.


A monitoring exercise in Kenema was conducted on the 13th of July 2020. Kenema’s activities were mainly focused on Tree Planting and advocacy. They succeeded in Planting 20 Trees at the heart of the City (at Railway Line), and they are also to plant an additional 400 Trees at the Kamboi South Hill in Kenema.


The same monitoring exercise continued in Bo on the 14th of July, 2020. Bo’s activities were focused on Drainage clearing/ construction and media engagement. They were able to clean 3 drainages in the City of Bo. The drainages that were cleaned are: the Lahai Street (Kandeh Town) Drainage, Fonana Street (Coronation Field) Drainage and Tikonko Road (Jaboima) Drainage.  Activities that followed the drainage cleaning were: back filling the Tikonko road bridge with stones, widening of the Lahai Street drainages and clearing and cleaning the culverts at Fofana Street. They also followed their activities with media engagement and street sensitization.


A monitoring exercise was done in Makeni on the 15th of July, 2020. Young people in Makeni also focused their activities on drainage construction\cleaning and awareness raising. A local drainage was constructed in Makama Community, and a drainage and bridge clearing was done at Congo town. Drainages were widened at the Masuba Lunsar Road, Magburaka Road and Magbema Community. An awareness raising exercise was also done in two communities (Congo town and Makama Community) respectively.


A monitoring visit was lastly done in Lungi. Two local drainages were constructed in Lungi – one at Tintafor Community and the other at Rotifunk Community (Masiola). Stakeholders’ engagement was also done, community people were sensitized on the importance of working around climate change issues.