Special DRR Training for the four DRR Youth Project Teams

 On Sunday, 24th of May, 2020, a refresher training was conducted for young people in the regions (Kenema, Bo, Makeni and Lungi) respectively. These are young people from YMCA whom were trained last year on Disaster Risk Reduction. At the end of the training, each group was asked to develop a proposal around disaster risk reduction which could be funded. All of them did, and their different projects were funded. It was against this background that YMCA decided to conduct a training for them, which will serve as a refresher, but also providing tailor made information for their specific DRR projects.

Topics were among others:

  • Child friendly spaces
  • Youth-led Advocacy on DRR
  • Hazard specific DRR/DRM measures
  • Community Sensitization
  • DRR work with Youth and Children
  • Ecosystem-based DRR (Afforestation)

 The training started in Kenema, on the 25th of May, 2020, and concluded in Lungi on the 28th of May, 2020. It was a one day training that was provided for each of these groups. Before the training, all the team leaders were asked to provide topics that they will want to be guided on, which will enable them to have a successful project implementation. The training was tailored based on the different topics of need that were sent by the respective team leaders of these groups. Kenema needed a training on Tree planting, its importance and its maintenance. Bo needed some guide on Stakeholders engagement, Peer engagement and flood mitigation and prevention strategies. Makeni needed a training on psychosocial counselling, flooding and environmental pollution assessment. And Lungi needed a training on Flooding and coastal erosion assessment, and community engagement.

The training was very successful, as all the participants that were invited for the training were present. In total, a training was provided for 40 young people across the different regions. All the participants were happy for the training, and felt ready to continue their project implementation.